Leiden American Pilgrim Museum

Attention: the museum will be exceptionally closed on May 25th and from 21nd of June to 15th of July

Located in a beautifully preserved house built ca 1365-1370 near the clock tower of the Hooglandse Kerk, the Leiden American Pilgrim museum tells the stories of the founders of New England, the Pilgrims. Furnishings from Pilgrim times show aspects of daily life, while events involving the Pilgrims themselves are illustrated with a remarkable collection of sixteenth and seventeenth-century maps and engravings by such artists as Gerard Mercator, Adrian van de Venne, Adriaen van Ostade, and Jacques de Gheyn.

The Leiden American Pilgrim Museum is one of the smallest museums in the Netherlands. We have two rooms, illustrating two specific time periods. One room shows what homes at the time of the Pilgrims were like, while the other is an exceptionally preserved medieval interior. A visit always has a unique and personal feeling, as it is guided by our expert who will tell you everything you’d like to know about the Pilgrims in Leiden and the museum’s collections (in English or French). 

Due to the size of the museum, we may only allow a certain number of visitors at a time - you can reserve your tickets for a particular time slot to make sure you will have a spot.

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Pilgrim Life in Leiden
A detailed 10 chapter description of the Pilgim-life during their stay in Leiden


Quick visit by Leiden400

In the spring of 2020 (in the middle of the Corona crisis), the Leiden400 organization made a memorial tour through Leiden in collaboration with Plymouth and the Native Americans. In the more than 4-hour broadcast, a visit was of course also made to the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum. In this video (in English) you can take a small sneak peak in the LAPM.